Hybrid Menu Board Systems showcase prepared food offerings

Sep 10, 2013 | Articles

Our society is busier than ever.In fact, according to a recent study 65% of Americans say they are unable to make time for themselves at least once during the day.*Between children, extracurricular activities, household chores and full-time jobs it’s understandable why so many Americans find it impossible to make time for themselves.It’s our busy, chaotic schedules that continue to increase the popularity and our reliance on QSR’s and Fast Casual restaurants across the country.But QSRs aren’t the only foodservice sector capitalizing on time-restricted families. C-stores are have been entering the mix by ramping up their food offerings. From freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, to pizza and fresh bread, these offerings are geared for busy, hungry families and are convenient to grab while filling up at the pump.In fact, according to a recent NACS survey, foodservice sales in convenience stores are growing faster than in QSRs – up 8.7% in 2012.Convenience is one of the critical factors for time- strapped families – and what’s more convenient than providing the ability to cross-off multiple items on your to-do-list all in one trip?Unfortunately, some patrons aren’t aware of the broad selection of food options that now exist in their local convenience stores – even if they frequent them often for gas or coffee.Many C-stores have begun implementing menu boards to accurately convey the quality and selection of their food offerings. Hybrid menu board systems (static inserts and digital screens) provide the greatest flexibility – showcasing popular favorites which remain constant, along with a revolving seasonal menu, LTOs and daily specials. In addition to the flexibility, ease and cost-effective benefits of hybrid menu board systems, advertising to your C-store shoppers the quality, value and freshness of your prepared food menu increases your bottom line as well.
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