Advertise your quality offerings with digital signage

Aug 26, 2013 | Articles

In cafeterias and on dinner tables across America, people everywhere are embracing the healthy food revolution at meal time.And while foodservice chains are doing their part to roll out healthy and nutritious menu alternatives to meet societies’ growing demand, a recent study reveals that only 24% of consumers are actually taking advantage of those choices when dining out.The NPD Group further reports that over half of foodservice visitors say they regularly maintain a healthy diet in their homes. But many still see “dining out” as a time to indulge – a treat from the same old menu, without any restrictions.“It would benefit foodservice operators to promote the message that eating healthy at restaurants doesn’t always mean giving up your favorite foods,” said Bonnie Riggs, NPD’srestaurant industry analyst. “Providing the opportunity for menu customization will keep these healthier diners happy, while also satisfying the tastes of the more indulgent consumers.”Though 24% doesn’t sound like a lot, it still allows healthy menu offerings to become profitable for foodservice chains across the country. And while the other 76% are more interested in splurging, there’s still an opportunity to tout your fresh, local ingredients and quality, homemade items to everyone walking through the door.According to the Food Marketing Institute…
  • 46% of men
  • 49% of women
  • 32% of shoppers under age 25, and
  • 49% of shopper over age 49
…are very concerned about the nutritional content of food.Therefore, taking the time to project the freshness and quality of your menu offerings humanizes your brand, while strengthening customer loyalty and ultimately yielding higher returns.One marketing tool which allows you to easily convey your commitment to offering quality ingredients in the foods you prepare are digital signs. From menu boards to kiosks to counter top displays, this technology can effectively communicate to your customers, while allowing you to frequently update and tailor you messaging, based on your target audience at varying times during the day.
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